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SPHIDA's Proactive Thinking philosophy requires that the leadership of an Organization performs a recurrent high level sustainability check to verify that the organization's mission, vision, strategy, and key values are consistent with the long-term existence of the organization itself.



The “long-term” existence of an organization is not only connected to the achievement of its strategic/financial goals but also to its outmost respect for the wellbeing of each customer (loyalty & satisfaction), of each employee (motivation to perform) and of all the people whose lives are or will be (future generations) significantly affected by the organization’s activities (society’s support/endorsement).



The sustainability check should therefore verify that the Organization, with its products, services, business practices and technologies, is fully engaged in the development of a healthy and equitable society while ensuring the conservation of nature, through the responsible use of science and technology and the careful consumption of natural resources for the ultimate protection and prosperity of the human race.


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