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At SPHIDA we believe that

a new Renaissance in business is possible.



SPHIDA is named after the Italian word "sfida", which means "Challenge". In today's highly dynamic & complex operating environment, our Philosophy is to proactively challenge the status quo in order to ensure continuous Execution Excellence.


Using our unique risk-based governance framework

for the Digital Age, we empower our clients to quickly align their entire organization with management's Strategic Objectives.

We strongly believe in Servant Leadership and we are convinced that the long term success of any  organization "is all about People".

We see Digital Technology as the key People enabler and we think that, while the Internet has unleashed the Digital Age, management styles and practices are still those of the Industrial Age - unable to fully tap into the unlimited Human Potential.



SPHIDA’s Mission is to help executives systematically achieve their strategic objectives and realize far superior results through

a new, improved, more sustainable and effective way of

managing People & Risk. We call it Proactive Thinking.


SPHIDA is based in San Antonio, Texas.


Our mantra

Diego Guicciardi

SPHIDA's founder

We enable our clients to tap into the unlimited human potential and bridge the gap between a sound strategy and a successfull execution.

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