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Sharing our knowledge with clients

SPHIDA believes that, when it comes to knowledge and information based operations, organizations should not look too far to discover all about their operational issues and for the right answers to these issues.



The general rule – in fact - is that no one better then their own employees (starting from front-line employees), partners and often customers knows what’s broken and how to fix it, or what could be done in order to create additional value for customers and shareholders.

In the information age being able to fully harvest  this kind of knowledge has therefore become a vital task for any organization, and this becomes a key task for every CEO and C-level executive.

Our goal

Due to the central role that our clients’ own people play within the OVERBLUE™ framework, our goal in serving our clients is to share with them our expertise in terms of SPHIDA's PROACTIVE THINKING™ framework and its OVERBLUE™ software, and to work with them in order to empower their  own people to  exploit their full potential.

Our approach

The key to our scalable approach is “gradual change”.


We start with a kickoff project, usually at C-level. Based on initial success, as an increasing number of employees familiarize with the OVERBLUE™ framework, our clients quickly expand and apply the framework to an increasing number of business processes and/or functional areas.

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Proactive Thinking Accelerate Performance

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